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My daughter who was recently adopted from foster care, has connected with a mentor at HPM and enjoys her time with the horses. The time at HPM is calm and nourishes our souls.


– mom of youth session participant

From the moment I stepped on the grounds of the Hitching Post Ministries ranch, I was overcome with awe and peace looking at the beauty of the land and the animals. This Godgiven piece of land has a magical quality to block out distractions and stresses of daily life, and forces you to be present in every moment. Even helping clean up the goat’s straw, I felt incomparable joy to be there and to serve. This opportunity to help has retaught me what it’s like to serve with a happy heart, and quite honestly it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’m sure the goats were content with the touch up to their home as well.


– teenage boy on a serve day

The mentors really make me feel like I’m a part of a family and during my time here all my worries fall away. I never want to leave.


—teenage session participant


My first day at HPM, we were doing an activity in the arena with the horses at liberty. I was asking God for a sign, and at that same time Trigger started to walk up to me. The exercise

that the mentors had prepared that day was asking us to find tools to keep moving forward in our obstacles. Trigger stood in front of me and reached down and removed the poles that

were being used as obstacles. I couldn’t believe it. But not only that, we later confirmed that I had worked with Trigger 5 years prior, and 4 owners earlier. God sure showed me a sign that day, that HE saw me. That HE loves me and has good intentions toward me.


– teenage session participant

My daughter and I have been to Hitching Post 2 times. The first time, we each had one on one time with a mentor and groomed a horse while we each told our version of our trauma. We felt safe and heard as we unloaded our personal story of hardship. The second time we visited we chose to come on a serve day. We had no idea that caring for the animals and moving forward doing new things could have such an impact on us. As we drove home together, my daughter and I couldn’t stop talking about our day. We hadn’t thought about our life circumstances once, and that it so rare! We shared all the new things we did that day. I surprised myself that I could handle the task. HPM had such an impact on our healing.


– from a mom & daughter session participants


This is one of the best days we’ve had in a very long time. We lost my husband last year at 30 years old, and with covid and shut down right after, our lives have changed drastically. I can’t remember how we stumbled upon Hitching Post Ministries, but I know it was the Lord. The girls lit up at this beautiful ranch, enjoyed the mentors, and the amazing animals! I’m so grateful to have a new community to be a part of, we can’t wait for our next visit.

– mom of 3 youth session participants

Through Covid lockdowns I found myself missing community, and feeling a loss of purpose. I

could only imagine what it has been like for children, because I know the feelings I was having.

I found HPM through a family member and signed up to volunteer. I have found my



— A Volunteer Mentor at HPM

Something I learned from my experience trusting a horse and mentor is this: I can be more open with people and myself, the trauma and horrors of my past do not define who I am in the present. I don’t need to have my trust bordered up and concealed, because amazing things can come out of trusting. I trusted in my horse and mentor and rode a horse and I found peace for the first time in a long time.


—17 year old session participant


My favorite thing about coming to HPM is the connection with the horses and learning to

understand their past and what they’ve gone through and that they each have different stories

and personalities just like humans. My time here has really taught me how to be aware of my

own feelings. And how to take time to be present and care for myself. I find peace here.


— teenage session participant


My daughter is loving her time at HPM. She has been building a relationship with the mentors & a special horse named Oreo. The connection with him makes her feel full of life. At times she works at liberty with the horses. On one particular day, Oreo walked up to her and chose to stay close and allowed her to cuddle with him. She has said HPM is her only “fun thing” and never wants to leave.


— mom of a teenage session participant


Hitching Post Ministries has been a place of peace and healing in the midst of a very difficult time. It is beyond what I could have hoped for. It has been a special place, away from the pressures of this world, a place where my boys can be themselves and feel loved and

cherished for who they are. My kids never want to leave, and always want to come back. We are so grateful for this Ministry, & their hearts for  kids.


—parent of three youth session participants