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My daughter who was recently adopted from foster care, has connected with a mentor at HPM and enjoys her time with the horses. The time at HPM is calm and nourishes our souls.


– mom of youth session participant

From the moment I stepped on the grounds of the Hitching Post Ministries ranch, I was overcome with awe and peace looking at the beauty of the land and the animals. This Godgiven piece of land has a magical quality to block out distractions and stresses of daily life, and forces you to be present in every moment. Even helping clean up the goat’s straw, I felt incomparable joy to be there and to serve. This opportunity to help has retaught me what it’s like to serve with a happy heart, and quite honestly it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’m sure the goats were content with the touch up to their home as well.


– teenage boy on a serve day

The mentors really make me feel like I’m a part of a family and during my time here all my worries fall away. I never want to leave.


—teenage session participant


My first day at HPM, we were doing an activity in the arena with the horses at liberty. I was asking God for a sign, and at that same time Trigger started to walk up to me. The exercise

that the mentors had prepared that day was asking us to find tools to keep moving forward in our obstacles. Trigger stood in front of me and reached down and removed the poles that

were being used as obstacles. I couldn’t believe it. But not only that, we later confirmed that I had worked with Trigger 5 years prior, and 4 owners earlier. God sure showed me a sign that day, that HE saw me. That HE loves me and has good intentions toward me.


– teenage session participant