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Support Us 

Support us Financially

Support us today. Give once, or make it monthly. We also accept donations through: Zelle, Venmo, and check. 

Please contact us at for more information.

Donate a Gift Card

We accept gift certificates to: Denaults, Lowes, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Company (Lake Elsinore), Round-Up Feed (Wildomar), Aguayo Hay and Feed (Wildomar) and American Horse Product (San Juan Capistrano)

Office Supplies: Staples, Office Max and Postage Stamps

Support Monthly Itemized List

These are detailed ways to give to specific areas and care for the HPM animals and their expenses. If you would like to support one horse monthly or one specific area, please be sure to mark that on your donation comment. Each of our horses have been donated to use for our Sessions with Kids who have experienced pain in their lives. Our horses and animals have unique stories and backgrounds of their own that require care to maintain their health and support a thriving life. Our animals are the foundation of our program. Why Horses?

Animal Care
5 Horses - Monthly Costs

Hay Total: $800.00

Ferrier: $510 every 7wks = $3,570 Annually

Chiropractor: $25 (Annual $300)

Dentist: $65 (Annual: $750)

Supplements: $736

Farm Animals - Monthly Costs

2 Pig Food: $20

Pig Ferrier & Tusk: ($350 Annually)

7 Chicken Food: $100

4 Goats: $35

Supplements - Monthly Costs

Serraquin Systemic Enzyme: (3 horses) $260

Equioxx: (3 horses) $83

Pentosan: (1 horse) $57

Chia Seed: $40

Daily Gold Stress Relief: $21

Treats: $25

Integrity Senior Grain no Molasses: $55

Bedding: $40

Vet Expenses - Monthly

Budgeting: $200

 Grand Total for Year: $24,400 

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